OmniScale Media Team Spotlight: Shane Gallup


October 14, 2022

Shane is OmniScale Media’s digital marketing coordinator. A film & media background nurtured a love of tech and visual storytelling, leading to an unforeseen tech marketing career that has further ignited his love of advanced technologies.

Since then, Shane has designed and maintained stunning websites, delivered quality content, utilized advanced marketing technologies, and worked with cutting-edge tech companies to bring their stories and brands to life. Shane lives in the eternally rainy Pacific Northwest with his wife, a German shepherd, three cats, and a boa constrictor. He also enjoys spending time in the beautiful natural world around him.

What is a food that you loved as a kid but thought otherwise as an adult?

Cereal, frosted flakes, cheerios, captain crunch, etc. As an adult, however, I no longer enjoy it. Something about it is just off.

If you could know the answer to one question about the future, what would you ask?

Did we ever figure out faster than light travel? I want to know if we ever make it outside of the solar system!

Cook or be cooked for?

Both! I love to cook with my family and friends. We do most of our cooking outdoors on the Blackstone, pellet smoker, and pizza oven. Fewer dishes that way, haha. Besides, everything tastes better, grilled or smoked. Well, almost everything.

Are you an early bird or night owl?

If it’s the weekend I’m up late. If it’s the week I’m up early. This worked for my school life, work, farm, etc. If I had my way I’d be able to stay up late every night though.

After traveling, do you unpack immediately, or do you wait until later?

Immediately! I’ll forget if I don’t get it over with.

Kids these days will never understand _____________.

The pain of dialup. Internet was slow, painful, and almost worthless for a bit. Getting DSL for the first time was like magic to me.

What is one cool feature you would add to your dream home?

Giant sun room. Or maybe a study with a wall-sized saltwater aquarium.

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