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Datarcs / Concertio Re-brand and Product Launch


After over two-years of R&D, start-up company, DatArcs had developed a next generation dynamic tuning system that optimizes operating system and processor parameters depending on the application that’s running, using machine learning algorithms that learn and adapt to automate the tuning of complex systems. With patents and with cutting-edge technology that contribute to the maximization of server utilization, DatArcs was a company with technology that showed a lot of promise.

UPDATE Concertio was acquired by Synopsis in November of 2021. Terms were undisclosed.

Previously known as “DatArcs,” OmniScale Media helped rebrand to “Concertio.”

The company had already started to brand itself using the DatArcs name but were not happy with the brand. They felt that it created confusion in their prospects and that it wasn’t necessarily representative of the company’s solution. In addition to having established a brand name, the company also had used an online freelance marketplace to develop a logo. While the company founders were able to get a brand in place, they were not satisfied with the result.

Adding to the brand complications was the fledgling website that the company had put together. (Old DatArcs Website) While it contained some great information on the company and its developments, the messaging was largely done on an ad hoc basis and wasn’t necessarily tailored to the needs of visiting prospects. The layout and design lacked consistency, and ultimately under-represented the company and its game-changing technology.

Contributing to the problems of an under-serving website was the fact that the company was not set up for customer/prospect communication. They were not taking advantage of a web-integrated CRM system that could be used for customer communication, lead nurturing, and social media management. Everything was being managed by email, with little structure or flow to help guide prospects through the buying journey and ultimately become customers.

Customer-management aside, the company had yet another problem: virtually no-one knew who they were. All prospects were through word of mouth, a valuable way to gain new customers, but very difficult to scale without systems and processes in place to turn up the volume on the company’s brand presence in a market. While the company had managed to get some early press attention, it was getting set to launch its first product and needed to make some noise and capture market attention.

DatArcs website

The original website needed work. The messaging was unfocused and needed development.

The Company turned to OmniScale Media to help them solve these problems and launch their first product.


A brand is more than a name and a logo, but rather the sum total of how people perceive their interactions with the branded entity. After thoroughly examining the strengths and weaknesses of the current brand with OmniScale Media, DatArcs CEO, Dr. Tomer Morad and his founding team agreed that a change was in order, and we got to work on creating a custom brand that better represented the solution that this AI software engineering team offered.

After much thought, research, and discussion, the team chose to use the brand name Concertio. The new brand is multi-faceted, representing the nature of what the company’s solution does: putting a growing array of configuration settings into optimal concert with one another for maximum system performance.

Concertio logo

The Concertio brand was born!

With a new company name in place, OmniScale Media set out to create a brand design including a new logo, associated color set, font set, and a plan for how these things would work together to create the overall brand look and feel. The result is the logo that you see today, which portrays a bold, confident company ready to give systems performance engineers a valuable partner with tools to help solve their problems faster and more efficiently.


With a brand foundation established, OmniScale got to work on creating a new web presence for the re-branded company, including messaging that would be attractive to the target audience: systems performance engineers and IT professionals who are looking for tools to help them streamline the process of optimizing systems.

To accomplish this, the team first conducted a situation analysis that looked at the market, the competition, and did a full customer analysis that examined the goals, scenarios, and tasks prior to purchase that potential prospects might have. The study also examined considerations and questions that the prospects would have as they consider purchasing the solution, and what pain points are most relevant to their situation. Finally, a review of key search terms was done to identify key words that would be important to the customer in their search for a solution.

With a communication strategy in place, OmniScale Media developed a messaging strategy that used evolutionary brain psychology to examine how humans engage with new information and attempts to get through prospects internal guards first. When dealing with cutting edge technologies, it’s often easy to think logic is the quickest route to the sale, but the truth is that engineers often contain high levels of skepticism that must first be broached by appealing to certain emotional “itches” that every human has. We worked on messaging that would appeal to their psyches and build intrigue at how Concertio tools could help them achieve more.

Concertio homepage

A new website complete with focused messaging was established.

Concertio solution brief

A Solution Brief showcasing a customer use case was developed to target first-movers.


Solution Brief – One of the top priorities of this re-brand/re-launch campaign was to deliver qualified leads to Concertio, filling their sales pipeline with new potential customers that they could further market and sell to. It was determined that at this stage of the company’s development, a solution brief that described a recent case study with a high-profile customer would be the most effective way to accomplish the task.

Working together with Concertio, the OmniScale Media team developed a brief that described how the Concertio Optimizer Studio tool was put to the test against some of the brightest performance engineers in the business and managed to outperform them in identifying optimal settings for complicated systems. The results were a paper titled, “Concertio Optimizer Studio Accelerates Mellanox Performance Tuning” which described the test, and its results in a way that was informative and engaging to the target audience.


A successful lead campaign means a lot of leads to suddenly manage. While the company had utilized a basic CRM system, it wasn’t quite meeting their needs, and it was clear a new platform was needed that would scale to maximize both marketing and sales potential.

OmniScale Media evaluated Concertio’s needs, their customer process, and their marketing requirements. After identifying the key aspects of each, a new CRM and marketing automation platform was recommended, and integrated into the company’s new web site. The new platform enables the company to approach their sales and marketing processes with new sophistication, and provides relative ease in areas that were previously time consuming and tedious. This includes an integrated social media platform that allows the company to reach their followers with important messages and attract new prospects.


With a new brand, a new web site, new lead generation tools in place, and a product that was ready to be launched, Concertio was set for the big unveiling! Much work and preparation went into creating a system to attract the right audience to bring to Concertio’s new web presence and raise awareness of their newly available Concertio Optimizer Studio product. With a deep background in advanced tech media, the OmniScale Media team researched the most appropriate places to pitch the story of this great startup that is using machine learning technology to help optimize computers.

The results were fantastic. The team was able to secure special coverage in several important target publications, including Network World, HPCwire, EnterpriseAI, Phoronix, and AlleyWatch, as well as a podcast interview on The Next Platform. The company was off to the races with media attention that they could brag about on social media and on their new web site – and receive the benefit of backlinks for all the major search engines.


To add to the buzz, OmniScale Media orchestrated a media ad buy for the start-up, using their rich high tech advertising experience to identify the most cost-effective vehicles in the most relevant publications for their needs. After securing the ad buys, and building the creative, the campaign was ready to go live.


“As far as I’m concerned, this was a complete success,” Concertio CEO, Dr. Tomer Morad told OmniScale Media during a call to review the campaign. Not only did OmniScale Media deliver double the promised number of leads, but the overall effect of the brand strategy and messaging helped to re-open doors that had seemed to close previously, including those of some of the most recognizable chip and server manufacturers in the world. The re-brand/re-launch has created new momentum for the company and their incredible technology.

“We were referred to OmniScale Media by a highly respected journalist familiar with their work and reputation and we are glad to have made the connection. Their knowledge of advanced tech and how to navigate the nuances of communication in the high-tech arena is uncommon for a marketing firm. They plugged in and became a part of our team, helping to build a new brand and web presence, attract media attention, and build a foundation for our sales and marketing processes by creating marketing assets and tools to help us attract and capture leads.”

Tomer Morad, PhD

CEO, Concertio

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