Lead Generation and Nurturing for Technology Vendors

Are you a technology vendor looking for a proven way to generate leads and nurture prospects through the sales funnel?

OmniScale’s 3-Stage Content Strategy

Reach your target audience, generate leads, and keep prospects engaged.

In high-tech companies focused on cloud-based services, data storage, machine learning, HPC, or other advanced technology, business growth and your ability to generate and nurture quality leads go hand in hand. But for startups and established businesses alike, that’s easier said than done. It takes a combination of quality content and SEO efforts to reach new prospects and establish trust, and a strong sales team who can build relationships and move prospects further along in the sales cycle.

At OmniScale Media we provide content development and support for the entire sales cycle. And for startups or businesses looking for a quick win, we often recommend a proven 3-part strategy for generating and nurturing leads through each stage of the buying process.

Building Consensus With the Right Content at the Right Time


The Hook

Prospects looking for solutions aren’t interested in a hard sell. They want neutral, informative content that helps them better understand their options. The buyer’s guide is a perfect resource for the awareness stage because it:

  • Provides potential leads with a helpful non-salesy overview of the different types of solutions available for their business and industry along with the benefits they can expect
  • Enables you to create a framework that buyers can use to evaluate solutions so they can make informed decisions, including what questions to ask
  • Provides a way to begin positioning the features, capabilities and benefits of your solution as a top priority for the given solution category.


The Technical or Business Case

Now that prospects understand their best options, it’s time to go deeper. A solution brief complements the buyer’s guide by:

  • Digging further into the business or technical challenges and how your technology helps address them
  • Providing an overview of the key features, benefits, and differentiators in your solution
  • Sharing use cases, testimonials, and other evidence for the business value of your offering


The Social Proof

To seal the deal, you need to demonstrate a strong track record of success. And in high tech B2B, case studies consistently rank as one of the most effective ways to do that. The case study will provide real-world examples of:

  • how your technology has been implemented
  • the problems it has solved
  • the benefits it has delivered

They key is to focus on your customers’ success with your product(s) while making sure you are speaking the language of your key audiences. And as an agency focused on advanced technology that’s where OmniScale excels.

Creating Content That Converts

Each piece of content in our 3-stage series is designed to provide leads with the information they need throughout the sales journey. Showcasing the value that your solution provides can ensure that potential customers understand why they should choose to work with you, and these three pieces of content will provide a complete picture of what they can expect from your product/service. And we don’t stop with content creation; we also use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and social media platforms to promote your content, drive traffic, and increase brand awareness. It all adds up to more qualified leads viewing your content and site.

Ready to start building out a more robust sales pipeline?

Our 3-stage content approach, which is designed to provide new leads with the information they need at each stage of the sales journey, is proven to increase conversions and ROI. But our capabilities don’t stop there.

No matter what your marketing or PR content needs are, OmniScale Media can help. Our team is skilled in developing virtually every type of content used across the sales cycle. So whether you need a 3-stage solution, or are looking for help with other assets like strategic messaging, white papers, or web content we have you covered.

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