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In our rapidly evolving world, multimedia content and virtual events are increasingly critical to developing and growing relationships personally and professionally. Businesses are engaging with each other and consumers via multimedia channels in ever-growing amounts. Virtual events, webcasts, vlogs, and videos are powerful ways to expand your reach, educate your audience, establish authority, and generate leads.

OmniScale is a full-service media agency that works with advanced technology companies. We offer comprehensive turn-key media services that cover the primary forms of audiovisual content used by companies to reach their audiences.

Whether you need short videos for social media, webinars to educate and engage, or vlogs to show your expertise on an approachable level, OmniScale can leverage multimedia content to make your brand connect on a personal level with your prospects, leads, and clients.


Of marketers increased their investment in webinars in 2020 (LinkedIn)


Of marketers say that webinars help reach larger amounts of leads (ON24)

Turn Key Virtual Events and Media


Scalable and Sustainable AI: Rethinking Hardware and System Architecture

OmniScale produced and hosted this webinar for Ayar Labs, a Optical I/O and HPC company, to showcase potential solutions for training large generative AI models. Click the image to view!

  • Highly Engaging
  • Global Reach
  • Built in Recording and Reminders
  • Informational
  • Audience Participation


Ayar Thumbnail
Ayar Thumbnail

Enabling HPC/AI Disaggregated System Architectures with Optical I/O

OmniScale hosted and moderated this live stream for Ayar Labs, an optical I/O-focused tech company. Click the image to view!

  • Simultaneous Streams for Wide Content Reach
  • Compatibility with most Social media and Video Platforms
  • Live Audience Analytics


Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

In-Package Optical I/O: Unleashing Innovation

OmniScale produced this video for Ayar Labs to highlight their monolithic, in-package optical I/O chiplet. Click the image to view!

  • Content Flexibility
  • Analytics
  • Media Hosting
  • Embedding on Site or Social
  • High Accessibility of Content


Vlog Thumbnail

The State of the CW-WDM MSA – A Fireside Chat with Chris Cole and Matt Sysak

OmniScale hosted and edited this vlog for the CW-WDM MSA to discuss the state of higher wavelength count optical interfaces. Click the image to view!

  • Humanizes you and your Brand
  • Establishes Authority in a Accessible Manner
  • Builds Trust and Familiarity
  • Easily Shared


  • Platform Selection
  • Content Creation
  • Landing Page Setup and Site Promotion
  • Selection of Hosts + Presenters
  • Registration, Event Invites, Reminders, Analytics
  • Pre-Call Dry Run for Webcasts/Webinars


  • Audiovisual Recording
  • Animation
  • Management of Q/A
  • Managing Slides and Transitions
  • Simu-Live play
  • Livestream Hosting


  • Audiovisual Editing
  • Content Hosting
  • Social Promotion
  • Attendee Follow Up
  • Debrief
  • Event Reporting and Analytics
  • Lead Nurturing

2021 Webinar Best Practices

An aggregate look at the current state of virtual events

As marketers learn to adapt to a world with no in-person events, and compete for share-of-voice in an increasingly virtual world, OmniScale Media has researched the evolving trends in virtual events – specifically webinars – and compiled our findings in this brief report. Learn about current best practices, industry trends, and the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the state of webinars. Register to download this report today!

See what our clients are saying about OmniScale webinars…

“Webinars have become an essential tool for lead generation at Six Nines; it’s an excellent way for us to showcase the successful solutions we’ve been implementing and build credibility and trust with prospective customers. OmniScale Media has been a great partner for us as we’ve rolled out a robust webinar initiative – their turn-key program combined with their experience, and professionalism has brought new value to our webinars. Serving as an extension of our marketing team, OmniScale is giving our sales team invaluable insights into hot prospects and providing measurable ROI.”

Mitch Becker

Six Nines IT

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