Vancouver, WA (October 10, 2017) – Co-founders Isaac Lopez and Matt Walters today announced the launch of OmniScale Media, a full-service media agency specializing in strategic marketing and communications programs for advanced technology companies. Focused on growing awareness and driving demand, OmniScale Media leverages the founders’ media, marketing, editorial, live events, and sales backgrounds around High-Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the derivative technologies of these fast-paced market segments. The agency’s mission is to help companies that produce complex, leading-edge technology solutions navigate increasingly complex marketing communications environments to build scalable and highly effective marketing and communications processes designed to produce measurable results.

“Being at the center of the changing media landscape for the better part of the last decade, I am excited to leverage my front-line knowledge to help companies shape the strategic directions of their marketing initiatives,” said media veteran Matt Walters, (formerly VP of Digital Strategy at Tabor Communications). “Having experienced hundreds of media campaigns, and having worked directly with dozens of advanced technology companies, I have developed a pragmatic understanding of the challenges and solutions needed to build ROI-driven marketing initiatives.”

“Marketing communications starts with understanding the audience and building the right messages to create engagement that leads to action,” said Isaac Lopez, a 20-year high-tech media veteran (formerly VP of Audience & Content at Tabor Communications). “Having built a career in media at the highest end of computing technology, I have a deep understanding of technology adoption dynamics and the complex challenges of marketing and sales communications at the bleeding-edge. Our processes take into account our intimate understanding that B2C tactics aren’t optimized for today’s complex environments, where committee decisions often dominate the purchase process. It’s this first-hand knowledge that gives our team a significant edge over many other agencies.”

OmniScale Media’s approach is focused on helping corporate marketing leaders shape messages and both qualify and quantify the customer conversation lifecycle at every stage in the process.  Our team works on behalf of our clients to identify key influencers and target them with disruptive insights that shape their thinking and inspire them to action.

“Modern technology currents are tremendously transforming businesses, adding considerable pressure on IT, and bringing more customer stakeholders into the conversation,” said Walters. “With more decision-makers at the table, marketers involved with disruptive technology have a tougher job influencing consensus and bringing customers to a collective ‘yes.’ Our focus is on providing the marketing framework needed to help pave the way so marketing doesn’t just ‘support’ sales, it creates momentum and drives it.”

“Studies show that companies are almost 60% of the way through their purchasing process before reaching out to a sales rep for direct input on their projects,” said Lopez (Brent Adamson, 2015). “By having the right messages tailored to the right audiences early on, marketers can help shape the RFP at its inception – a critical strategy for companies selling advanced technologies. Our work will aim to identify and effectively communicate the disruptive insights that help create demand, engage the purchasing committees, and create opportunities to capitalize on all levels of­­ engagement.”

OmniScale Media is fully operational with an extensive network of strategic and tactical communications consultants and an active list of early clients. More information can be found at

About the OmniScale Media Founders

Co-founders, Isaac Lopez and Matt Walters have built a synergistic partnership creating successful media and marketing programs for advanced tech companies and audiences together since 2010. Working previously for Tabor Communications, a leading advanced-scale computing media & events company focused on the top of the computing pyramid, the duo found their talents to be synergistic. They have been engaged in the marketing activity for many of the leading solution providers in High-Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and their derivative technologies, and have been relied on for both strategic as well as tactical guidance over the years. The duo has since left the organization to build OmniScale Media to focus on helping companies build early adoption and take-to-market strategies.

Isaac Lopez, Co-Founder
With experience as a high-tech marketer, technology journalist, publisher, and eventually VP of Audience and Content at a leading advanced tech media company, Isaac has a foundational understanding of the roles and processes of every side of media and marketing. Isaac’s career, spanning two decades, has given him a rich, experiential base of knowledge in advanced technology media, marketing, and journalism. As a veteran digital publishing executive, Isaac has been a respected leader with responsibility for managing the writing teams and editorial direction of a high-tech portfolio news organization. As part of his recent experience, Isaac was the central organizer and head of audience recruitment for a popular high-tech industry summit where he integrated the input of end-users, high-tech journalists, vendors, and technology analysts to build dynamic summit agendas and drive attendance.

Matt Walters, Co-Founder
Previously VP of Digital Strategy at a leading tech media company, Matt has worked on hundreds of marketing campaigns and has a deep understanding of digital marketing, demand generation, and audience development strategy. Having successfully managed a sales team, his experience as a digital publishing executive positioned him at the engagement point with marketing leaders across a spectrum of advanced technology companies, where he has cultivated a reputation as a detail-oriented digital strategist. Matt has a critical understanding of digital marketing dynamics, including the development, implementation and effective utilization of the modern MarTech stack. As leader of both sales and client services teams, Matt used his insights and experience to grow revenue while providing first-class customer support.

 About OmniScale Media, LLC
OmniScale Media, LLC is a full-service media agency specializing in creating engagement that drives adoption of advanced technology solutions. With 25 years combined experience in high-end tech PR, marketing, demand generation, event production and media, OmniScale Media is the go-to agency for advanced technology companies looking to create disruptive insights that inspire people to engage and take action. OmniScale Media can be found online at, or by email at connect at

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