OmniScale Media

OmniScale Media is a full-service media agency specializing in creating engagement that drives adoption of advanced technologies. With 30 years combined experience in high-end tech PR, marketing, demand generation, event production and media, we are the go-to agency for disruptive technology companies looking to create disruptive insights that inspire people to engage and take action. Experience in High Performance Computing, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more, give us a broad understanding of technology ecosystem dynamics.

Our Mission & Vision

We believe cutting edge technology is the leading edge of human progress. Our passion is serving technology communities in driving the democratization of advanced technologies to improve the quality of life. Our clients are innovating a better tomorrow. Our vision is to be the most trusted ambassador in communicating the value of emerging technologies worldwide, with a roster of clients whose technologies are disrupting industries and lives for the better. We foster a culture that attracts, grows and maximizes the potential of the most talented individuals to represent and serve our clients.

Our Team

With over 30 combined years in advanced technology marketing and media, we have interacted with hundreds of brands, witnessing both good and bad. We’ve built reputations around our great ideas, attention to detail, and superior execution. As digital marketers plugged into the leading edge of technology, we offer high-level insight on the state-of-the-art techniques being applied to grow modern technology companies.

Matt Walters

Chief Executive Officer

Previously VP of Digital Strategy at a leading tech media company, Matt has worked on hundreds of marketing campaigns and has a deep understanding of digital marketing, demand generation, and audience development strategy. Having successfully managed a sales team, his experience as a digital publishing executive positioned him at the engagement point with marketing leaders across a spectrum of advanced technology companies, where he has cultivated a reputation as a detail-oriented digital strategist. Matt has a critical understanding of digital marketing dynamics, including the development, implementation and effective utilization of the modern MarTech stack. As leader of both sales and client services teams, Matt used his insights and experience to grow revenue while providing first-class customer support.

    Isaac Lopez


    With experience as a high-tech marketer, technology journalist, publisher, and eventually VP of Audience and Content at a leading advanced tech media company, Isaac has a foundational understanding of the roles and processes of every side of media and marketing. Isaac’s career, spanning two decades, has given him a rich, experiential base of knowledge in advanced technology media, marketing, and journalism. As a veteran digital publishing executive, Isaac has been a respected leader with responsibility for managing the writing teams and editorial direction of a high-tech portfolio news organization. As part of his recent experience, Isaac was the central organizer and head of audience recruitment for a popular high-tech industry summit where he integrated the input of end-users, high-tech journalists, vendors, and technology analysts to build dynamic summit agendas and drive attendance.

    Isaac Lopez
      Rachel Nielsen

      Rachel Nielsen

      Content Marketing Manager

      Rachel is a marketing and content creation professional with experience in design, social media strategy, email marketing, digital campaigns, SEO strategy, and more. Having previously worked for the world’s leading IT Research and Advisory company, she is passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing content. Rachel is engrossed in utilizing her passion for original, engaging content creation to help people and businesses expand their brand and help their mission resonate with their audience. Her expertise is working with clients to create content and strategically delivering it through various digital and social channels to build strong audiences and develop mature brands. Rachel has extensive experience with blog posts, articles, website design, and implementation of social media strategies for businesses ranging from start-ups to global-scale organizations.

        Select Brands We Work With

        We’ve helped build, develop, and support some amazing brands, from startups to the largest companies in the world…

        Ayar Labs
        Amazon Web Services
        Six Nines

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